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Ciaomanager streamlines your management

Do you want to be a bureaucrat and sort out paperwork or pamper your guests and earn more?

You realize that you are wasting a huge amount of time and energy to follow bureaucratic and fiscal obligations, search for information in a sea of papers and emails, manage emergencies (e.g., overbooking), solve complications in assigning rooms and managing staff (cleaning, restaurant)…

You can simplify your management with:

Ciaomanager increases the value of your hospitality

Do you offer just a clean bed or an unforgettable experience?

In the first case you have a banquet at the “lemons market”, your customers do not see your difference while comparing endless alternatives, they only choose you if you make bargain prices, in a perverse spiral of discounts, cost cuts, waning quality, stressful and intoxicated work environment, bad reviews.

If you offer an unforgettable experience, you enormously increase the value for your guests, who will feel pampered, will speak well of you and will be willing to pay the right price because you are special and do not get confused in the mass of offers.

You have already invested a lot on your hotel and on your staff: it’s time to make your passion more visible to all potential customers.

You can enhance your hospitality with:

Ciaomanager improves your results

Do you sell at the right price at the right time to the right customer? Or do you entrust yourself to fate and wait for your accountant to sum up?

Understanding how to sell in the best way is one of the most complex issues you face. Competition is increasingly ruthless, complication increases, you risk losing the thread of your prices and your rules and priorities.

If you are tempted to update prices by subtracting ten euros from those of your neighbour, to sell through last-minute offers, to save on guest services, you risk falling into a perverse spiral.

Rely on a scientific method: continuously improve and learn, bring your structure to its full potential and achieve record goals.

You can improve your results with:

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