Channel Manager

Take advantage of the global visibility of the portals automatically and you can say goodbye to overbooking

Take the benefits of getting yourself to new customers through OTAs (online travel agencies) without getting the headache of managing availability by hand and finding out that your accounts are bleeding on commissions.

You do not want to wake up at night to close a room if you get a reservation from Australia and you do not want to risk expensive overbooking (selling the same room several times).

If an OTA costs, you can automatically increase your prices to balance the commission, then let the customer choose whether to book on OTA (paying the brokerage costs) or directly on your site. You will discover with pleasure that more and more customers will book directly from your site.

Functionality of the Channel Manager

Global visibility

Take advantage of the visibility of online portals to let you find more new customers

Goodbye overbooking

You can rest easy: automatic updates avoid the risk of overbooking

Central control

Check all the portals from a single location, so you keep everything under control

Connected management

Reservations are immediately added to your planning, so you do not have to remember to do it by hand

Mobile application

You can check reservations and change availability from your mobile or tablet

All bookings together

See the reservations of all the channels together, so you do not lose control of the situation

You decide the rules

Minimum stay, closing on arrival or departure, maximum sale on the channels

Increased prices

You can automatically increase prices on different channels to offset the cost of commission and encourage direct bookings

Limit the sale

You can offer only some rooms on the channels, to avoid the risk of selling them all from external channels

Chiusura OTA

Close the sale on all the portals in one go, so avoid forgetting someone

"2 way" connections

We automatically update availability, prices and even bookings and cancellations

Statistics by channel

Check booking trends (and commissions) for different channels

Connected channels

Global portals

Territorial portals

Other channels

*activation in progress

Find out how you can work better with portals

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