Sinapsi - Intelligent Revenue Management

The First Revenue Management with Online Machine Learning

Sinapsi never stops learning.

Sinapsi listens to your strategies, analyzes your hotel data in addition to competition, weather and other events to propose continuous improvements.

In the cloud, connected to your management system and always under your control.

The maximum of technology (machine learning and intelligent optimization) with the minimum of complication.

Sinapsi - la supervolpe del Revenue Management

In the world of hospitality:

Volpe spaventata

The complexity increases, and you feel stressed and threatened

Price war, new competitors, brokerage, OTA, social media, online reviews, fickle and strategic customers…

Volpe contenta

But you have enormous opportunities to take over the fate of your hotel

You can generate more value for your customers and for yourself. Your customers are the world and with Sinapsi you can work with the same tools as hotel chains (even better if you want!).

Why Sinapsi?

It foresees the arrival of future reservations

Based on the performance of the previous year and on the bookings already received (cancellations included) foresees the future and estimates the uncertainty of the forecasts

It studies how your customers react to your prices

If you increase prices, how much will future bookings change? To increase profit, should you increase, reduce, or keep prices constant? How do you assess the short-term tactics with the overall profitability strategy?

It analyzes your competitors

Choose a set of hotels you want to follow: Sinapsi analyzes how they move over time. But only as a starting point! Sinapsi is for foxes, not for sheep and it never recommends you to imitate your competitors.

It offers optimal prices for your hotel

Your hotel is unique and your prices must reflect your strategies, your constraints and your customers. After a learning phase, you can proceed with “autopilot” or accept and modify price advice by hand.

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How does Sinapsi work?

We use state of the art technology and relationships with the best research centers in the world.

Never stops learning

Each booking (or cancellation) arrived is an opportunity to change the internal models (this means online machine learning).

Use simulation-based optimization techniques

Historically born for the development of nuclear weapons (eg Monte-Carlo simulation-based optimization) they are used for robust predictions associated with predictive risk measures.

Digests mountains of data

Reservations, occupancy, season, day, advance with respect to arrival, weather forecast (short term), presence of holidays or special events (fairs, exhibitions, etc.), length of stay, type of room, type of client, groups, competition, …

Identifies hidden opportunities

Do you sell out too early? Could you earn more by having more patience? Should you make last-minute deals or not? Should you sell on OTA or directly, at what price? Should you work with groups and tour operators or with individual clients? How much can you earn from additional services? (ancillary revenues) How much can you earn with upselling?

You can automatically link it to your management system and/or channel manager

Just get from the management the few essential data (reservations and cancellations), Sinapsi can then link the price updates: when you accept the advice you see it immediately in your management and on the connected channels.

Note, we use the best in science and technology but we don’t throw it on your face.

The Sinapsi tools are presented with an easy and understandable interface and it is always you who has the last word on decisions.

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Sinapsi - Revenue Management

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