Sinapsi - Intelligent Revenue Management

Connect your data to better decisions and raise your profits

Sinapsi is more than revenue management, it is a complete system of total profit management. Listen to your strategies, analyze your hotel‘s data, propose daily improvements. In the cloud, connected to your management system and always under your control.

The maximum of technology (machine learning and intelligent optimization) with the minimum of complication.

In the world of hospitality:

Volpe spaventata

Great migraines and threats to profitability (price war, new competitors, algorithmic intermediation, OTA, social, online reputation, fickle and strategic customers…).

Volpe contenta

Enormous opportunities for those who aim high, to generate value for their customers and for themselves. The world is available, just organize, innovate and update the processes of your business.

Sinapsi by Ciaomanager has the expertise and software to aim high:

Total Profit Management with Sinapsi by Ciaomanager

Demand forecast

Based on historical demand and recent trends, cancellations and no shows, pick-up analysis (booking trend)

Elasticity at customer prices

Elasticity of demand and cross elasticity, models of choice between multiple offers

Competitive intelligence and benchmarking

Competition (prices, reputation, dates sold out, changes in sales strategies), price matrix

Revenue management and total profit management

Based on artificial intelligence and semi-automatic schemes of intelligent optimization

We use state-of-the-art technology and relationships with the best research centers in the world for:

Update sales prices

Starting from:

  • expected occupation
  • season, day, before arrival
  • weather forecast (short term)
  • presence of parties or special events (fairs, exhibitions, etc.)
  • duration of stay
  • type of room
  • kind of customers
  • additional sales opportunities (total customer value)
  • competition: average prices and employment rates

Identify opportunities

Add-on sales opportunities

Calculation of displacement: extraction of the day-to-day production of your TOP accounts (Tour Operator, Corporate, Consortia and Internet Distribution Systems IDS) and evaluation of any profit transfers, lost profit due to these external agreements

Improve room allocation

(“Automatic tetris”, possible upgrades, possible overbooking strategies if requested)

Tune booking rules automatically and intelligently

(eg relaxation of minimum stay if this opens additional sales)

Il tutto fornito da un servizio web in cloud connesso al tuo gestionale per analisi e suggerimenti operativi quotidiani.

Sinapsi non dorme mai, ogni nuovo dato viene registrato, analizzato e usato per miglioramenti senza fine.

Non basarti sulle speranze o sulle paure, basati su dati e misurazioni quotidiane, sotto il tuo comando e seguendo la tua strategia.

Sinapsi identifica opportunità e miglioramenti in modo scientifico e continuo. 

L’aumento dei profitti nel medio-lungo periodo è spesso fra il 3% e il 5%, con punte del 20% in situazioni di particolare complessità e opportunità. 

Il valore generato ripaga molto presto l’investimento, con meno mal di testa e più tempo da dedicare ai tuoi ospiti.

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