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Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs in hotels, B&Bs and apartments with intelligent yet simple-to-use software tools to better organize their businesses and increase their profits, with a continuous improvement approach (based on machine learning and intelligent optimization technology).

Our vision is to become global leaders in providing software services for the scientific management of hospitality.

Times are ripe for a discontinuity, with automated intelligent processes driven by the hotelier’s goals directly managing the connection between big-data, models, schemes for continuous improvement, and daily and strategic decisions.

We are unique. We have expertise and software at the state of the art to use “artificial intelligence and intelligent optimization” techniques. We believe that very few incumbent companies and startups in the world have an equivalent wealth of know-how. Many startups are able to develop “yet another” hotel management, but almost all stop at the complexity required by “LION” techniques (machine learning and intelligent optimization).

We add value. Hope is not a plan: we base our services on a scientific data-based and experiment-based approach. Continuous process measurements (bookings, reputation, etc.) both generated by daily work and produced through targeted and controlled experimentation (eg, customer elasticity at prices) are used to build flexible and dynamic models (machine learning). Optimization methods coupled with simulators work incessantly to propose incremental improvements. The experience of the hotelier is precious but the power of automatic algorithmic systems can identify improvements that a human cannot find because of the excessive complexity and the enormity of the number of variables involved.

Ciaomanager was founded two years ago with private funding, the technology already demonstrated value for tens of customers, ranging from family-owned B&Bs to small hotel chains.

Our current services and products are:

  • a complete management system in cloud to organize and ease daily operations and managerial measurements (management PMS, POS, cleaning, domotics, statistics).
  • a system for managing direct and indirect online sales (booking engine, channel manager), synchronized automatically with the PMS management system
  • a unique system for total revenue and profit management, our more advanced flagship product, which can operate on top of other existing PMS
  • an ID scanner to recognize customer documents, with versions for hotels and small businesses (mobile scanner)

We are searching for investors to accelerate our growth, by developing partnership and hiring of new employees for sales, marketing and customer support.

We are well beyond the seed and the development phases, with a serious business plan (based on existing customers) for you to analyze, demonstrating the profitability of the investment and limiting your risk.

If interested, contact us to join our our “LION” revolution and conquer the world.

“We crunch numbers like gourmands bite chocolates, we write software like poets write lyric, but we are aware that tools are just a starting point. The less technology is visible, the more useful it is”.

Filippo Battiti

CEO, Ciaomanager Srl

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