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Commercial Director, Modus Vivendi (Sanremo)
Ciaomanager Events

RevMe Europe
(Losanna, Svizzera)

2-3 December 2019

Hotel Revenue Forum - Milano

Hotel Revenue Forum

23 January 2020

Hospitality Riva 2020

(Riva del Garda)

2-5 February 2020

Hospitality Day 2020

Hospitality Day (Rimini)

13 October 2020

ciaomanager allo SMAU 2020

SMAU (Milan)

20-21 October 2020

Fiera messe HOTEL Bolzano 2020

Hotel 2020 (Bozen)

19-22 October 2020


Talks Digital Hospitality

October 28-29, 2020

SiteMinder webinar Ciaomanager

Webinar SiteMinder

November 25, 2020

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Streamline your management

You realize that you are wasting a huge amount of time and energy to follow bureaucratic and fiscal obligations, search for information in a sea of papers and emails, manage emergencies (e.g., overbooking), solve complications in assigning rooms and managing staff (cleaning, restaurant)…

Enhance your hospitality

Do you just offer a clean bed or an unforgettable experience?

If you offer a quality experience, you increase the value for your guests, who will feel pampered, will speak highly of you and will be willing to pay the right price because you are special and don’t blend into the mass of offerings.

You’ve already invested so much in your hotel and your staff: it’s time to make your passion more visible to all potential customers.

You can enhance your hospitality with:


Improve your results

Do you sell yourself at the right price to the right customer? Or do you rely on chance and wait for your accountant to pull the strings?

Figuring out how to best sell yourself is one of the most complex but important points you need to address. Competition is increasingly fierce, complexity increases, and you risk losing control of your pricing and rules.

Rely on scientific analysis: thanks to advanced proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, you can continuously improve your returns and bring your structure to its maximum potential.

You can improve your results with:

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Residence Modus Vivendi, Sanremo

Hotel Gran Zebrù, Cogolo di Peio

Hotel PrimaLuna, Malcesine

Carpe Diem, Vigo di Fassa

Hotel Canarino, Riva

Angeles Inn, Venice

Hotel Buonconsiglio, Trento

Hotel Garnì Laurino, Cavalese

Villa Incontri, Florence

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